How do they work?

Kinesiology tapes facilitate lymphatic drainage by elevating the skin at a microscopic level, which allows for a better emptying of the channels and therefore the elimination of waste substances and a decrease in pain.


The Target Tape kinesiology tape has a longitudinal elasticity of 140% that matches the elasticity of the skin , providing external support without limiting movement.

Made of cotton fibers and easy to apply. Excellent kinesiological tool that promotes the necessary conditions of the organism for a quick recovery process or prevention of body injuries. Provides external support without restricting or limiting movement.


Target Tape mechanically improves athletic performance and physical well-being. The result is a preventive care, without medication, for your body in any activity. It is the preferred choice of all people who practice physical activity.

- Dynamic support
- Improves circulation
- Improves biomechanical posture
- Decreases recovery time
- Prevents injuries
- Improves performance
- Ultra lightweight
- Water resistant
- Easy to use


    Quick pain relief Relieves pain associated with muscle fatigue, arthritis, sprains and cramps. Contains menthol, eucalyptus oil and skin moisturizer. ....


    Ethyl Chloride Spray. Reduces pain and inflammation caused by blows or falls. Can be applied over Target Tape kinesiology tapes. Use...

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