Wide range of antiseptic products with different components for all requirements

  • Antibacterial kit

    Kit used for hygiene and cleaning of hands and surfaces, as well as prevention on face. Contains: -Two pieces of Pleated Mouth Guard -One package of...

  • Alcohol wipes

    For disinfectant use, it is a product made with non-woven fabric impregnated in a 70% isopropyl alcohol solution. It is ideal for cleaning the...

  • Antibacterial spray

    Antibacterial hand and surface sprays help to facilitate cleaning and disinfection in a practical way. It eliminates 99.99% of bacteria from the environment...

  • Antibacterial gel

    Antibacterial hand gel. Does not require rinsing. Formulated with ethyl alcohol, leaving a moisturizing sensation. Ideal for keeping the hand area clean and protected.....

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